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Jet Joe Warranty Sportsturbine

Jet Joe Warranty Sportsturbine

Jet Joe Engine Sales and Service

Warranty Information - Combos and Complete Turbines will cover the repair costs (including replacement spare parts) of a failure that is the direct result of defect parts and/or workmanship. Our warranty covers all internal items including shaft, compressor, turbine wheel, ECU; fuel Injectors and remaining internal parts.

If you have a breakdown which is not a spare part 'self serviceable' the component can be returned to Sportsturbine for a complete inspection and repair of the component or turbine.

The unit can be repaired and re- balanced (if required) and posted back to the customer, postage paid in UK and Europe (Not in other country's outside Europe) . You are advised to insure every unit shipped to Sportsturbine for the replacement cost of the Turbine value and also for the replacement cost of any additional items that may be included, for example, FADEC ECU, Solenoid, fuel pump, etc.

After your turbine has been fully inspected. And if necessary, the customer is contacted to discuss the full details of the necessary repair.

Parts are warranted for One year against manufacturer defects and damages to the motor caused by defective parts. (This is a special One Year Warranty authorised by Jet Joe China that Sportsturbine can effect for you *)

The warranty does not cover the cost of labour to repair a kit unit; however, dependent on the type of the failure, Sportsturbine may at its discretion consider covering labour costs to repair a turbine. In the event of a turbine failure, the turbine should be shipped to Sportsturbine for a free Inspection. Certain parts are provided free of cost. Our Labour estimate is provided upon request from Sportsturbine

Shipping Charges

It is a customers responsibility for shipping any faulty turbine to Sportsturbine . Under certain circumstances we may consider paying for the return shipping.

A product return number (PRN) is required for each unit shipped to Sportsturbine the (PRN) number is used to identify the Turbine and to alert our service department of what problems are causing issues with the returned turbine. If a turbine is sent without an (PRN) number, the process of repair for the turbine or ECU for example and return of the Turbine may result in return delays.


ECU, Solenoids, starter motor, thermocouple and fuel pump are covered under a 1 year replacement warranty. In the event that these devices fail, Sportsturbine will replace the defective item after inspection (return the faulty part to us)

Limitations - Spoortsturbine will not cover failures and/or resultant damages due to crashes, user neglect or failure to run the specified amount and recommended type of turbine oil in the engine.

*The standard warranty via JetJoe Ltd. Direct sales (China) is only 6 months duration.

Sportsturbine has been authorized to provide 1 year service and parts under our sales program. Please contact Sportsturbine with any questions about purchase of a JJ engine . email us

Jet Joe Improvements since 2012 - 2013

Jet Joe Improvements since 2012 - 2013

Improved Design of JJ engines

Several turbine owners are familiar with several issues relating to Jet Joe turbines. Part of our effort is to help educate new users how to avoid potential issues while our long range goal is to resolve many of the issues relating to these concerns. Many of the forums have outdated posts about reliability issues of JJ engines that have now become 'non factual'

Since a model turbine uses a chain reaction of events and overall combustion can only be accomplished when all systems work correctly, the breakdown of any part in the chain reaction can result in a substantial breakdown of many turbine elements.

Motor Improvements JJ Turbines

JJ1400 Starter breakdown and alignment issues - Alignment of the turbine starter motor is essential to longevity of the starter and to reliable operation of the turbine. The starter motor and bendix clutch to compressor nut clearance can be adjusted and therefore needs to be maintained the correct distance from the compressor nut.

If the motor for any reason stays connected to the compressor nut while spooling up, the starter motor can often be damaged and the turbine may well suffer over heat.

Jet Joe has modified the motor housing design to include a change to better secure the starter motor. This will help eliminate issues with clutch clearance on this Turbine.

JJ 1400 FUEL NEEDLES - The fuel needles in Jet Joe 1400 have been reported to gum up and clog.

As a result, the engine may show low engine RPM and overheating on one side of the motor. If the problem goes unresolved, the NGV can become damaged as will the combustion chamber due to excessive overheating on one side of the turbine.

These Improvements have now been made on all the latest engines

Latest test results show improved performance without any sacrifice in the fuel efficiency of the Turbine.

USE OF 3% TURBINE OIL - Evidence has shown that Jet Joe (and other manufacturer) turbines operate much cleaner with lowered percentage of turbine oil. Originally 5% oil was added to Kerosene fuel to obtain a satisfactory mix for turbine engines. Due to a build up of carbon deposits, 3% turbine oil is recommended for the use of Jet Joe turbines after the Initial run in period.

FUEL FILTER- In order to ensure that your motor continues to run clog free, please make sure to run a high quality filter before and after the fuel pump to ensure that any foreign material is stopped prior to entering the Turbine.

The filter before the pump protects the pump from debris in the fuel and the filter after the pump protects the motor from anything that might be carried over by the fuel pump.

JET JOE JUNIOR - Changes to the compressor wheel and shaft as well as modification of turbine clearance's has made a huge success in improving overall reliability of the Jet Joe Junior Turbine.

All Jet Joe Junior are modified in accordance with these changes.

FUEL PUMP PROBLEMS - There was reports of issues with unreliable operation of the Jet Joe fuel pump. All recent pumps are much better quality

Issues reported due to a faulty fuel pump

Speed low error reported on ECU device
Turbine does not reach maximum thrust
Motor did not return to idle speed (hangs at 50 - 60K RPM)
Turbine does not maintain consistent output