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JJ-1800 Combo + ECU + Acc Pack

JJ-1800 Combo + ECU + Acc Pack

Price: 1,136.00 / 1,249.60


Combo contents:

JJ-1800 assembled and test run

Auto Fadec included pre set up

Running accessories pack: include:bullet starter, bendix clutch, fuel solenoid valve, gas solenoid valve, JJ fuel pump, 7.4V LiPo Battery, pipes, 4mm pushhold fitting ,on board gas tank (100cc) , gas can valve.

Tech Details

Length: 300 mm
Diameter: 110 mm
Weight: 1570grams
Nominal EGT: 680Deg C
Idle RPM: 32000
Stop RPM: 20000
Max RPM: 115000
Fuel Jet-A, Kerosene
Fuel comsumption: 350ml/min
Thrust: 20 lbs

Note the white gas bottle is no longer shipped with this package due to shipping rules from China

12 Months Conditional Warranty with all engine purchases

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