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High Quality Fittings 4mm & 3 mm

Check Valve 4/Non-Return Valve 4mm

Check Valve 4/Non-Return Valve 4mm

Price: 9.98


Check Valves permit airflow in one direction.
Used for maintaining the output pressure at a constant level.

The check valve permits airflow in one direction but stops in the reverse direction
The check valve works at the pressure of 0.1kgf/cm2, keeps 1.42 PSI in vacuum and connects at low pressure.

Fluid : Air (No other gases or liquids)
Working Pressure Range : 1-150PSI /0-9Kgf/cm2 (0-900kPa)
Negative Pressure : -29.5 in Hg / -750mmHg(10Torr)
Temperature Range : 32-140ºF / 0-60ºC
Applicable Tube Material : Polyurethane and Nylon
Fittings with "G" prefix denote 20 Bar rating